Saturday, 4 February 2012


Cocked up this Cyclops pic: all the background elements were drawn separately and assembled in Photoshop, though Professor X got deleted somewhere along the line (not that you can tell from this mess). Due to time, I cheated by using an old Phoenix but quite liked the Marvel Girl so have bunged her and Emma here, as well as other X-pix done over the years.

Been roughing out a Rogue for ages so may post that later in the week...


  1. Dont think the Cyclops one is cocked up [er see, but the white fill needs a bit of variation as it's just come out clashing and some of it is too fine to do a decent fill.

    Like it though

  2. Other than the Cyclops, which has limited rendering, I kept the background very clean line, which seems to have backfired as the mass of red swamps some of the lines. Oh well, learning curve!